Top Hero Actors

1 01 2011

#1 – Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman

Go Ahead

Argue. I dare you.

Seriously, please argue with me on this. Pleeeeease. The man has played God and every other role under the sun. But they’re almost always the same nice old man and/or nice old man badass. He paired up as a cowboy with Clint Eastwood, he’s Lucius Fox (Batman’s WEAPONER), he’s Nelson Mandela, he’s a boxing trainer. In his villainous roles, he’s villainous. But in the other 3/4 of his roles, he soars as the voice of inspiration. Sometime when you go to sleep… admit it: your dreams are narrated by this man.

Morgan Freeman

He's doing it now.

Or maybe just your thoughts.

Who wouldn’t want this man in their own private Justice League? If not for his voice alone?



Top Hero Actors

1 01 2011

#2 – Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe

We’ve gone through three different actors – and some had a problem with my #3. But there should be no doubt or discredit to my third choice. The man has played too many heroic roles to count. And he can’t be called an anti-hero. In most all of his films, he is the underdog, the man out of luck, the man who must rise to his occasion… and does:

  • Robin Hood
  • Cinderella Man
  • Gladiator

Now, he has played some diverse roles as any actor should, but most often he plays the hero of the story AND the hero.

He satisfies every basic heroic capacity.

Top Hero Actors: Broken Down

23 11 2010

SO, there has been some dispute on mine and Ex’s posts about why we choose the people we do. I think we need some clearing up.

Harrison and Jack

Anti-Hero and Villain

Top Hero Actors: Those actors who are typically typecast as heroes and/or do the best job and/or wouldn’t play a convincing villain.

Top Normal Actors: Maybe not a bad guy, but not a bad guy.

Top Versatile Actors: So good at the craft, that they could be a villain or a hero equally well. So well that you can’t cast them as best hero OR best villain.

Top Anti-Hero Actors: These include the action hero type. This means they are like normal actors, but are centered in action of some sort – emotional, physical, etc. Not really looking out for anyone but themselves.

Top Villain Actors: This includes any actor who is typecast as a villain and/or does the best job and/or wouldn’t play a convincing hero.

This does NOT figure in the personality traits of straightforwardness, quirkiness, etc. This simply describes one aspect of their nature that happens to be the MAIN aspect – take for example Ex’s choice of Rickman. Rickman is quirky and snide and rude and crude in his role of Snape, but he is a perfect foil. We only consider his villainy because we are looking at the actor’s portrayal – not the character itself. We are looking at the actor’s broad career spanning ability to play the role. This is why I will have an honorable mention section for younger actors I can see doing this later… but whom have not been proven yet.


Top Hero Actors

23 11 2010

#4 Will Smith

Will Smith

Will Smith

Agent J


Robert Neville

Del Spooner

Mike Lowrey

Captain James West

Captain Steven Hiller

There are so few movies where this man isn’t the hero AND heroic. The few that aren’t… he’s still the hero of the STORY in.

Don’t believe me? Check it out.

He is the hero, inspires confidence and has attitude. It would be seriously hard to imagine this man portraying the villain also.

Back in the Game, Back to Business

22 07 2009

… back to the business of Giving Something New.

Few know it, but one of many reasons I use the phrase “Giving Something New” is to imply that I will be constantly trying new things to be on the “Bleeding Edge,” but also that I will be doing something that many people consider both new and old: not stopping or giving up. You see, instead of “giving up” I “give something new.”

Case in point: I have not blogged in many months, due to finishing my PR degree, finding out that I need a technical major to get into the Air Force now, and having to go back and get my CS degree. The rules changed for me, an in order to pursue my dreams and accomplish my goals, I have to change with them.

As such, I have been busy with very practical things in the following months since I nearly graduated… like studying, and working at two jobs – jobs where I have learned patience in service, and mastery of hardware technology. However, this has limited my time with the PR community. And now, after much nudging and prodding by the PR community I was previously so engaged in… I am back. I am giving you something new: a blog post. In fact, a blog post about trying new things, and new approaches, as this has been what my life has been about for these last few months. Don’t think I’m being serious? Check the new hair color.

So, below is a list of the new things I am trying, and my reasoning for why I am suggesting them to you.


Ever wanted to make sure that, as the professional you are, no one takes your unique username? Go here. See which sites have your name, and which don’t… and seize the opportunity to keep them for yourself.


Applicable as both a social media community, and an app for most smart phones, you can now coordinate your combination of Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. into one easy-to-use interface.


Many of the things I am suggesting are not entirely new, including this. But it is new in that I have been hitherto unable and wary of trying this for the sole reason that I can be tracked anywhere. I could hide behind the idea with other social mediums that I wasn’t giving away my exacty location. This takes that final step. Its useful, but also creepy. So use with caution… but get your toes wet.

Growing a Backbone and Telling People “No”

Wanna work as the social media consultant for a company, but they don’t want to pay you reasonably? Tell them no. I got offered $500 to run the entire SM campaign for a company. For a college student, it was attractive. If I didn’t realize they would pay others more… and if I hadn’t done simple math (something I’m getting better at, by the way) and realized that for the time spent, I would be earning less than minimum wage. And when I countered, they bailed out. Lesson learned: don’t let companies push you over just because this is “new age marketing.” What you do is not snake oil sales. Its business and building 21st century relationships.

Growing a Backbone and Telling People “Yes”

However, when a company is willing to approach you and pay you for plugging their company… and you already do it… I would take the money. Case in point: recently a financial site that I frequent regularly and brag about already has offered me money for each time I plug them. Which I do often. And now I’m earning money on the side for being honest about a company I like. In case you haven’t noticed my rants… you might want to check out .

Until next post,



5 02 2009

Ok, so I will have a longer post soon, I promise. Just been busy getting PR(evolution) going. This is a workshop where a fellow senior and I will teach PR staff and students here at UA about the Social Media.

But I digress…

My good friend (only know him online, but I have SO much respect for the man), Danny Brown, wrote a blog about TwitterSheep. So I plugged in my username. Tell me if you think it’s me.


Twitter Your Hearts Out… The Senate Is!

21 01 2009

The Senate Floor. The House Floor. The U.S. Supreme Court.

Do any of these seem familiar to you?

If so, thank you for having a brain.

If not, no worries, Twitter has made them accesible and welcome to U.S. Policy, Law and Government structure.

“How do I access such quality information,” one might ask. Good question. Tweet these usernames:

@senatefloor @housefloor @ussupremecourt

“What’s a Tweet” one might also ask. At this point, I would normally tell you to take a hike in true “gritty Jacob’s proving himself” mode – because I write for professionals with some understanding of Social Media. But, in light of our government reaching out, I will reach out, too.

1. Direct your browser to and sign up.

2. Upload a nice face shot.

3. Post your personal site (please no MySpace).

4. Change the them to one of the premade layouts.

5. Write a small 140 character bio.

6. Then Tweet. All tweeting is, is updating your status. Simple? For now. Later, you learn to quality Tweet.

7. Then find the names I just mentioned: @housefloor @senatefloor @ussupremecourt.

8. Click on “follow” underneath their picture.

That is all. There is nothing complicated about this, but if you have questions, comment on this blog and I will try to help you. Why are these usernames important? Because now, thanks to our wonderful new President, his campaign manager and his new staff, we ae being given access to floor updates, new policies, proposal, etc. that were not nearly as accesible before.

For the first time ever, I have to say… Go Obama!