Top Hero Actors: Broken Down

23 11 2010

SO, there has been some dispute on mine and Ex’s posts about why we choose the people we do. I think we need some clearing up.

Harrison and Jack

Anti-Hero and Villain

Top Hero Actors: Those actors who are typically typecast as heroes and/or do the best job and/or wouldn’t play a convincing villain.

Top Normal Actors: Maybe not a bad guy, but not a bad guy.

Top Versatile Actors: So good at the craft, that they could be a villain or a hero equally well. So well that you can’t cast them as best hero OR best villain.

Top Anti-Hero Actors: These include the action hero type. This means they are like normal actors, but are centered in action of some sort – emotional, physical, etc. Not really looking out for anyone but themselves.

Top Villain Actors: This includes any actor who is typecast as a villain and/or does the best job and/or wouldn’t play a convincing hero.

This does NOT figure in the personality traits of straightforwardness, quirkiness, etc. This simply describes one aspect of their nature that happens to be the MAIN aspect – take for example Ex’s choice of Rickman. Rickman is quirky and snide and rude and crude in his role of Snape, but he is a perfect foil. We only consider his villainy because we are looking at the actor’s portrayal – not the character itself. We are looking at the actor’s broad career spanning ability to play the role. This is why I will have an honorable mention section for younger actors I can see doing this later… but whom have not been proven yet.





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