Top Hero Actors

24 11 2010

#3 – Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

Now, at this point, you’re all arguing with me. I hear shouts of “he’s too young” or “he’s more of a villain”. Or possibly, you’re even using my antihero argument against me. I assure you, your opinions are invalid:

  • The man is as old as some of your dads: 47 years old.
  • I can name atleast 6 roles here where he is not just normal or the good guy… but the HERO. Count em’ up. I think I count his own villain role as Sweeney Todd.
  • And he’s hardly ever, if ever, an anti-hero. He’s good or bad. Doesn’t straddle that line. He’s eccentric, but that could fall on either side of the fence. His moral agenda in each movie is fairly straightforward. The closest he comes is as Captain Jack.

That said, this wasn’t an easy choice. Ex and I argued about it. And I HATE that Depp is cast in everything under the sun. He’s even going to be Tonto in the upcoming ┬áLone Ranger movie. He’d be the Plastic Man or Martian Manhunter in the Justice League… but a Leaguer nonetheless.┬áHe even brought a touch of heroism to The Mad Hatter.

Honorable Mention for #3:

Denzel Washington – Almost. But just like Depp, he’s rather versatile. But his roles spread all over the place, whereas Depp’s are still rather hero-centric.

Up and Coming Mention for #3:

Chris Evans – Current Torch, Former Jensen, Future Cap. This man is one to watch.



Top Hero Actors: Broken Down

23 11 2010

SO, there has been some dispute on mine and Ex’s posts about why we choose the people we do. I think we need some clearing up.

Harrison and Jack

Anti-Hero and Villain

Top Hero Actors: Those actors who are typically typecast as heroes and/or do the best job and/or wouldn’t play a convincing villain.

Top Normal Actors: Maybe not a bad guy, but not a bad guy.

Top Versatile Actors: So good at the craft, that they could be a villain or a hero equally well. So well that you can’t cast them as best hero OR best villain.

Top Anti-Hero Actors: These include the action hero type. This means they are like normal actors, but are centered in action of some sort – emotional, physical, etc. Not really looking out for anyone but themselves.

Top Villain Actors: This includes any actor who is typecast as a villain and/or does the best job and/or wouldn’t play a convincing hero.

This does NOT figure in the personality traits of straightforwardness, quirkiness, etc. This simply describes one aspect of their nature that happens to be the MAIN aspect – take for example Ex’s choice of Rickman. Rickman is quirky and snide and rude and crude in his role of Snape, but he is a perfect foil. We only consider his villainy because we are looking at the actor’s portrayal – not the character itself. We are looking at the actor’s broad career spanning ability to play the role. This is why I will have an honorable mention section for younger actors I can see doing this later… but whom have not been proven yet.


Top Hero Actors

23 11 2010

#4 Will Smith

Will Smith

Will Smith

Agent J


Robert Neville

Del Spooner

Mike Lowrey

Captain James West

Captain Steven Hiller

There are so few movies where this man isn’t the hero AND heroic. The few that aren’t… he’s still the hero of the STORY in.

Don’t believe me? Check it out.

He is the hero, inspires confidence and has attitude. It would be seriously hard to imagine this man portraying the villain also.

Top Hero Actors

23 11 2010

#5 Richard Dean Anderson


This man used be MacGyver.

Ok, so I intentionally started off this list with someone you’re all gonna argue with, but whom I had to get out of the way. He has a limited acting career… and the only two jobs you’ll think of in that career are as Colonel Jack O’Neill, and this guy, the lovable MacGyver.


The Lovable MacGyver

The Lovable MacGyver

It should then come to you as no shock that I picked him to start my list:

  • He’s a personal favorite.
  • His only two notable roles are as heroes.
  • Both of those heroes are of two different clothes – one avoids killing at all costs… and one doesn’t.
  • He rocked a mullet.

If you decide that this isn’t enough criteria, consider this. Anyone one character can be the hero of a story, but a hero actor has to be someone who is both the hero AND heroic in a large majority of his more famous roles.

His acting career.