The Project: Ideas, People, Ideas!

20 01 2009

Ok, so I usually like to GIVE. SOMETHING. NEW. But, alas, I need to resort to the other part of my catch phrase, and “take what is mine.”

Essentially, I need professional suggestions.

The Goal: I need an online forum host.

  • It needs to allow people to answer others’ questions in real time.
  • It needs to be able to be moderated.


Here at the Ferguson Center, we are working on hosting our SGA Presidential Debates this spring online. Well, we will still have an in-person addition, as well as an online edition.

We need to allow anyone who wants to log on, and then ask questions of the moderators. We then need the moderators to ask the candidates the questions we have approved. And all of this needs to be seen and delivered in real time.

Does anyone have any suggestions?





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