Success, success, success

15 01 2009

Quoting Jessica Ayers, “But we are pro. That’s all that matters :)”

Well, that sounds haughty coming from me, and just confident coming from her. But the point is, between her and me, things are getting done recently and I feel SO productive.

In her recent blog post @ “Hey Silver Shoes!” in this article, she outlines a lot of what is going on (accompanied by my little bits of news as well):

  • She is heading up Crimson for a Cure, and I am a captain for that… which is a result of my success in running 4 miles every other day. Additionally, she would have lost her sanity long ago, if not for Kristin McDonald, a fellow student who is as determined to do great things.
  • Today, Jessica and I talked to Dr. Berger, the head of the PR Department, to talk about the launching of PR(evolution), a Social Media series of workshops we want to launch at UA to revolutionize the education of upcoming PR majors. Dr. Berger could not make it, but Tracy Sims, head of Platform, and Mrs. Henley, Campaigns Teacher, were able to… and they seemed to like it, save for some minor tweaks. This will most likely become reality. Talk about a chance for a great job or wonderful recommendation.
  • Talked to one of my contacts on Twitter, got a personal number for someone to get a job from in NY. The call led to no job, but to spreading my resume across NY… which is still very, very cool.
  • Collegiate Politicians is going so well. We had many people sign up at Get on Board Day, the board looked great and people genuinely asked questions  and seemed interested. We have another planning meeting tonight.
  • Also, I got invited to compete in a Chinese New Year’s Dance Competition. Definitely doing that.

Now, for the rest of the day… work, work, run 4 miles, meeting, home, sleep and start again. 🙂





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15 01 2009
Damien Basile

Speaking to Jessica’s quote and your title of success, If you believe you are something you become it. “You are what you eat”- specifically you are what your mind “eats”. If you are coming from a place of unsureness then just follow these steps and you will eventually be where you want to be: Think. Speak. Act. Believe. Embody. You create your own destiny. Empower yourself. The only limitation is you. There is no fear but fear itself.

15 01 2009
Richard Becker

Hey Jacob,

The series sounds very promising. A very, very good idea.

All my best,

15 01 2009

Thank you both. I look forward to implementing this, as this will be the first true attempt to standardize social media education at UA. Teachers teach about it, but not how to do it. And I agree, you are what you want to be. Realized that last semester and my life has been all the better for it. Pretty sure Jessica thinks like that, too.


16 01 2009

Helpful Health Facts Resources…

19 01 2009

You know I think that way! If you check out a recent blog post of mine, you’ll see that I’m already tossing around the word “ultramarathoner.”

Alabama must breed us ambitious ones 😉

19 01 2009

Ambitious. Ha. That’s an under simplification.

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