The Project: Part II

13 01 2009

So, I met with the boss today. As bosses go, Mr. B is pretty cool. So is his daughter, whom I have known for years now. She use to work with parents during freshmen orientation and I used to work with the incoming college students. Both are  really g0od people with good ideas and the motivation to be bleeding edge.

About ten minutes into my one-on-one meeting with Mr. B to talk about Social Media and how I can implement it in the Ferg, he stops me and says “It’s like we need an entire person just doing this alone.” This is why this man makes me happy. He just created a job that I would love to have… in theory. Its still on the table, but based on how I do with this, I might work for him for a while doing this very thing. In fact, he likes my ideas for implementing very specific Social Media tools so much that he has booked a meeting with the Marketing Director and I to talk about the logistics.

In recap, in case you didn’t read my last post explaining this:

–The Ferguson Center Student Union at the University of Alabama wants me to look into the use of Social Media for the establishment.

–I chose Facebook, a Blog and Twitter.

–In addition, it will be my responsibility to train and teach students and staff how to use this for both their personal and professional lives (not that this is entirely seperated).

–To that end, all going well, I will recruit the assistance of my friend and colleague, Jessica Ayers – social media fiend and PR pro.

–In addition to all this, we will of course need consistent brand identity and some promotional items.

And in case you’re wondering… when he suggested we need one person covering the use of social media, I most certainly said “well, I nominate me!”

Cheers, blogosphere and keep plugging.





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