Michelle Obama for the Fail

13 01 2009

Attention, Michelle Obama:


I have no problem with people who did, and I support our new President Elect, soon to be officially in. Congrats to the voters and the man himself.

But FYI, I did not sign up for alerts and I am getting them constantly… and I do NOT want them. I am not buying into this mob mentality of sensationalizing the role of Commander in Chief, and when language in these e-mails says “support America” and be proud of America once again, it only ticks me off.

When did I stop being proud of our country… or more imporantly: when did you or when did Michelle?

That was one thing that bugged me during campaigning was that Michelle would say things like “I’m finally proud of America again,” after she benefited from America for years.

Why NOT be proud of America?

We’re in the middle of war. Update: so are a lot of countries. Additionally, we went for the right reasons, but have just overstayed our welcome.
AIDS Support in Africa. Nuff said.
The economy? Bound to happen at some point. Haven’t had something this dramatic since the Great Depression and while I don’t think its 100% inevitable, we will bounce back from this in full force.

So, Mr. PR/Publicity/Advertising Manager of Obama’s e-mail Alerts… this is NOT a wise tactic. Remove me now. You might as well have texted Bill O’Reilly.





2 responses

14 01 2009
Dianna Duffy

Throughout the campaign, I received e-mails constantly from both parties. I am a registered Republican and received McCain e-mails to my yahoo address. I also began to receive Obama e-mails to my gmail. These e-mails have not stopped, and I too wish that I could be taken off of this list.

“Michelle Obama is the next Jacqueline Kennedy”. Far too many people say this and believe it. I do not think that the shoes of Jacqueline Kennedy could ever be filled. The former first lady, Mrs. Kennedy, loved this country and was always a proud American. I believe that Michelle Obama will be an icon for many women and many Americans, but I do not believe she should be compared to Jackie O.

15 01 2009

Dianna, I could not agree more. She seems well intentioned, but she seems to elitist for this country to ever compare to Mrs. Kennedy… from a new first lady whose husband runs on platforms of Hope and Change. She has benefited directly from America and she seems to underestimate it each day. Not a bad person, but borderline ignorant.

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