Life Lessons

7 01 2009

So, I don’t know that it ever makes it across, but I think. A lot. About everything. I promise you… I want to be… everything. Its hard to narrow down what I want, because of two things:

I have a desire to try new things 24/7.

I came to the recent conclusion that if I could think it, I could be it. Basically, I woke up one day and realize that if I could understand multiple contexts, then I had the ability to use those contexts, and that somehow there was this part of my brain I was not tapping into where I DID those things I was capable of and stopped observing others do it and hold myself to believe I could only watch it.

This has a point.

Basically, in context with those two approaches and my new approach to do things as they occur to me (no time like the present, right?), I began to realize that I could benefit from my own skills. Said skills include tech support, public relations, etc… and I realized just how much time I have wasted by NOT expounding on these. Diversifying if fine… but I need to spend some time developing my natural skills (including running) for profit – especially in this economy.




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