Getting Ready for the New Year

27 12 2008

No New Year’s Resolutions. No get rich schemes or slim down diets. I am not here to offer you a magic quote that will put life in perspective – after all, even if I were to hand you what little advice I might have (check my profile, I am not an overly succesful guy on paper), these things can only be learned if you’re willing. But if you want to start the year on a good foot and learn from someone who has learned to be happy with what he has, here are a few tips:

Routine. Substance. Form. Dedication. Spontaneity.

Explain? Sure.

These days after Christmas, before New Year’s, I am prepping for a new routine before the New Year begins. I am not stating specific resolutions. But I am:

  • Determining what is important to me. I do this by reading.
  • Coming up with a way to instill those things in my life – through routine.
  • Making sure the things in my life have substance and that I focus on the form of those few things I do and not trying to do much without substance.
  • I leave room for spontaneity to enjoy those things – good or bad – that life throws my way.
  • And then, I plan on sticking to it.

These are the things that matter to me: health, staying in shape, staying sharp, keeping family around, meeting new people, keeping close friends, finishing college and doing more with my life after college than I did while in.  So I am dedicating time to do these things each day. Stay tuned for more details on such and comment on here if you have questions.

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