I thought I would pass this on…

12 12 2008

So, I got this incredible comment back from an English teacher of mine… and it stings. Not because its stinging, but because it reminds me of a struggle I face everyday:

I can do well, but I often am apathetic to actually doing well in school, because I find most of it to be redundant and I know a lot of companies don’t look at GPA as much, except as a last ditch determining factor between two identical candidates… maybe thats the wrong motivation. I should not worry about jobs… but about doing well for myself. But even at that, the materials still don’t interest me – MOST of the time. I liked this class, so I decided to chip minimal extra effort. I can get a B or C without trying. I can get a B+ with a little effort, and with an hour to kill, I could make a solid A… but I am so busy doing other things. I will leave you with that, and this:

“Jacob – What an improvement! I feel like I’ve waited all semester to see work that adequately represents you, and here it is. An excellent “second coming.” …”

Paper: B+

I don’t know… my EN teachers have always cared about me and taken a special interest in my potential, but its hard for me to tap into it. I finally began to see it, but now its hard to realize that potential, and put forth energy into those things I am not interested in: school.




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