Movies I Predict to Fail/Suceed

1 12 2008


Based on the actors, the set interviews from extras and film crews and the amount of work going into this, I think it will be epic. Beginning with a great class of actors including Hugh Jackman himself, and a list of characters including Wolverine, Gambit and Deadpool… this movie has potential. And the fact that there is still so much unknown about it leads me to think Fox learned their lesson from X3.

Prediction: Epic Win.

GI Joe

This looks like cheese wrapped around a nice fat ham – and for those slower among us, that is a metaphor for campiness. Who knows? Maybe they can make it work. But it looks like a bad B-Flick at this point in the game, with only a few points for the hot lead actress.

Prediction: Epic Fail.

The Spirit

Oh, my, goodness… this is an epic win. And, its an example of where cheesiness can be succesful… this takes the serial Sunday paper comic strips of a moonlighting detective very similar to Dick Tracy, and kicks it up a notch under the sage direction of Frank Miller. I love the screen re-color and I love the interaction of the romantic interest, villainy and film noir chic.

Prediction: Epic Win.





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