Can Bama Win?

1 12 2008

Silly question. Of course we can.

That said… no one blame me for any outcome later – win or lose. I did not do it. Our team did it and to get onto me for being too cocky… is silly and I don’t answer to that.

Why? Because the Gators suck. Not in the typical “actually based on stats and performance” kind of way. More like a “we’re underrated and the underdog in this fight” kinda way. And we hate being the underdog. It still, however, results in the same reaction on our parts – proving we’re not underqualified.

Check the end of this video for what Saban has to say about being called the underdog.

And let’s see… we’ve been that all season. Where are we now? 12-0.

What did they say about the LSU game? “It’ll be close… but we don’t know if they’ll win.”
What did they say about Clemson? “There’s no way, Jacob. Be realistic.”
(Though this guy has apparently not caught up.)
What did they say about Georgia? “They’re wayyy too good, no way.”

Each time… we won. And then each time plummeted… we demoralized them. People say we played crappy teams. I remember them being unstoppable at the time. Then we beat them, then they became crappy.

Guess that’s what happens when you call yourselves unstoppable.

Heck, atleast the other teams’ fans and cheerleaders were hot.

Heck again, other coaches and offensive coordinators have even been fired/resigned in light of us or to prepare for us next year: Auburn, Tennesee, Clemson.

They’ll say its not cause of us… but we know the truth.

I will say this, however… it is a shame that Croom is gone. He does not deserve it. That man was rebuilding the program at MSU right.

But really… so many coaches down right before/after we play them… an undefeated season… number one by most polls, except for the #3 computer ranking. Improved play across the season… better offense, better defense, learned to start putting points up fourth quarter… we can do this.

Plus Percy Harvin is down, and most of his fans don’t seem to care. So they have no class, no pride and limited chance.




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