Ironbowl 2008… list of grievances.

30 11 2008

So, all said and done, that game rocked. Check the multiple YouTube videos of the loudest Rammer Jammer in my football-going career… and Bama Man‘s:

Here. Here. Here. Here.

Alas… not a one of them of the real fans… one of my list of grievances.

–No video of actual fans… just the posers and tools who have jumped the bandwagon.
–Few videos of the actual players… the ones who won the game.
–No, you didn’t take shots of Bama Man, the guy who dresses up in spandex each game and risks guesses at his own sexuality. Nor did you take shots of those 30-40 brave students who painted up in freezing temperatures… you took bad shots of drunk tools. Good job, future media pro.
–The body painters… I love you, but you messed up the entire section. Step forward next time, not back.
–The tools running around with minimal gear on and a Notre Dame cap on… really? Bama all the way and come if you mean it. And why were you trying to orchestrate the spirit of the painters? I think they are pumped up as it is.
–The cheerleaders. You finally got it right with not stringing the cheers “we’re behind you” and “shove it together.” Good job. Next time, don’t drown out me cheering “Javi” or “bullshit.”

I know I am going to be labeled “that guy” for writing this, but someone has to say it.

Don’t accept posers or pretenders… only the real deal. Its an insult to your team to allow any other type of fan in. You’ve been here the entire time and… more importantly… so has your team. Don’t cheat them. Cheer your hearts out and expose the fake. And make it about the damn team.

In the meantime, check these sites out if you want coverage of the team, the fans and the aftermath.




Things to Do, Part I

28 11 2008

Things to Do, Part I:

So, over these last few weeks, I have become SO organized. SO organized… I have realized just how much has to be done. I’m not referring just to my own personal checklist, but also to all that has to be done in, well… the world.

But that’s for another post. For now, I have taken some time to review some key entertainment products and let you know if they’re any good or not… if you or your tastes are anything like me or mine.

**Note that the scores are not averages… just assignments.**

Mortal Kombat V. DC

Recently released… this game SHOULD by all accounts suck worse than broken Hoover. But it doesn’t. Even though Superman or Captain Marvel or really several of these guys should be able to completely destroy each other and no fun fight should be had… the game’s plots for the contrary aren’t bad, and the fight system really just makes you completely forget about those tiny technicalities.

I give it an 8.5:

Overall: 8.5
Fighting System: 8.0 (It has glitches, but otherwise is fun.)
Plot: 6.5 (Not the greatest, but fun.)
Characters: 9.0 (Spot on, it rocks my socks to see the Joker tortured. Tickles my funny bone.)
Graphics: 9.5 (Never really been a problem for these games, and it still excels.)
Loading Times: 8.0 (Tolerable.)

My recommendation: memorize the Flash’s and Catwoman’s moves. Flash for the infuriating speed that will irk your opponents. Catwoman… for the fetish. 😀
IGN’s Take

Mirror’s Edge

Some ask whether or not a concept is worth $60. Haven’t yet figured that one out… but its worth the $7-9 to rent it. This game takes the interactive freerunning style of Prince of Persia and adapts it to actual Parkour settings, with minimal combat… though the combat can be fun (and infuriating). I loved the concept, the execution, the cheesy predictable plot and the color scheme. Though, warning, the scenes seem like something from an Esurance commercial.

I give it a 9:

Overall: 9
Fighting System: 6.0 (Fun, but cumbersome, not always reactive and when you get hit, you have as much health as a prepubescent girl.)
Movement System: 8.5 (Sweet, but with glitches… don’t know that there will be a sequel to fix this, but hey, you never know.)
Characters: 7.0 (Convincing, but unoriginal and cheesy.)
Graphics: 9.0 (A…mazing.)
Loading Times: Negligible

My recommendation: play it and have fun. Don’t worry about hitting all the records. Rent it. Don’t buy it.
IGN’s Take

Movies to Watch:

Meet Dave. Why? It’s a cute movie. Just worth having some fun. Some crude humor, but mostly acceptable, and its one of those feel good movies. Plus, I like Eddie Murphy.
Hellboy II. Why? Saw it in theaters with my friend Sarah, and loved it. I love all things comic book, but this is one of those movies that does justice to the books and is appealing to a general audience.
Hancock. Why? It’s not the deepest plotline, but it picks up and has some serious stoic messages mixed with some feel good vibes and a little crude humor. Its fun and its Will Smith – typical of his human story movies he’s done lately… see Pursuit of Happyness, I am Legend

Well, that is it for now… going to see Transporter 3 tomorrow, so I will post how that turns out soon.

As for this weekend, everyone had better watch the Ironbowl this weekend schedule posted here… I am cheering on the Tide… are you?